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Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Frederick, MD

Safe & Effective Wisdom Tooth Removal

By the time the wisdom teeth start to come in (usually around the late teens or early twenties), a person already has the rest of their permanent teeth. Because of this, the wisdom teeth often don’t have enough room to erupt properly and become stuck, which can lead to a multitude of problems, including pain towards the back of the jaw, teeth crowding, and even an infection. At My Fredrick Dentist, we can help patients by removing these teeth right in our dental office, saving them from having to visit an outside specialist. In fact, we keep a close eye on the wisdom teeth during regular dental checkups so we can extract them before they cause any issues!

Why Choose My Frederick Dentist For Wisdom Teeth Extractions? 

  • State-of-the-Art Dental Office
  • Patient Comfort is a Priority
  • Highly Skilled Dental Team

The Extraction Procedure

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Once we have determined that you need a wisdom tooth extraction in Frederick, the procedure will take the following steps:

  • We’ll start by thoroughly numbing the treatment area with local anesthetic.
  • Once a patient can’t feel anything, we’ll remove any gum and bone tissue that is still encapsulating a tooth.
  • The tooth will then be removed, likely in pieces.
  • The treatment site will be closed with self-dissolving stitches.

A patient may experience a little bleeding and swelling for a few days after the procedure, but within a week, they should be able to resume their regular diet and daily routine.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

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Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, but most patients require extraction in order to preserve their oral health. For patients who don’t have enough room in their mouth to accommodate these third molars, or who have impacted wisdom teeth lodged under the gums, without removal, they can become infected or increase your risk of developing problems down the road. Here are a few reasons why your emergency dentist in Frederick may suggest removing your third molars:

  • Risk of damage to surrounding teeth
  • Jaw damage
  • Sinus issues
  • Inflamed or damaged gums
  • Pain
  • Increased risk of cavities
  • Misalignment problems

Based on your X-rays, we’ll determine whether your wisdom teeth can present risks to your health down the road.

Symptoms of Problems With Wisdom Teeth

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Patients who suffer from advanced wisdom tooth issues often exhibit a variety of symptoms, including some of the following:

  • Pain and swelling
  • Toothaches
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Infection
  • Crowding teeth

During your routine checkup and cleaning, we’ll let you know if we notice any of these common signs of wisdom tooth eruption. If so, we can develop a treatment plan to remove them and preserve the health of your other teeth.

Tips for a Quick Recovery

Many patients experience some bleeding and tenderness after their procedure. One way to help ease this and speed up the healing process for your extraction site is to maintain a soft diet for the following weeks after your procedure. It’s also important to avoid using a straw whenever possible and take any medications that we prescribe you. If you have any concerns or questions about the recovery process, you can contact our team. We’ll be more than happy to address them and make sure that you’re at ease and not in any pain while you heal.