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How Long Does It Take to Get Dentures?

September 15, 2023

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dentist holding out pair of dentures

Suffering from missing teeth? Dentures are removable dental devices tailored to replace those missing teeth, aiming to restore both oral function and appearance. Crafted to suit your mouth, dentures offer a natural-looking smile, enhanced chewing capability, and vital support for your facial muscles. If you’re interested in the denture journey and wish to delve into the timeline, continue reading as we explore and provide insights into the denture process.

The Early Stages for Dentures

Embarking on the denture journey begins with scheduling a consultation with your dentist. In this initial appointment, your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your gums and any remaining teeth to evaluate their condition. It’s essential to promptly address any existing oral health issues to safeguard the success of your new smile.

After the examination, your dentist will create precise impressions of your mouth’s ridge to acquire the necessary measurements for your custom dentures. They will also evaluate your bite pattern to guarantee a perfect fit, potentially using a wax prototype. This model will then be sent to a dental laboratory where your individualized dentures will be meticulously crafted according to these specifications.

The Dentures Adjustment Period

Frequent appointments with your dentist will be required for fine-tuning your prototype dentures until your final set is prepared. Missing teeth can lead to jawbone loss and alterations in facial structure due to inadequate stimulation, which may also occur if the restorations don’t fit correctly. Your dentist will take the necessary steps to ensure that your dentures are meticulously tailored in terms of width and length, thus preventing these potential complications.

Final Steps of the Dentures Process

Once your dentures are ready, your dentist will perform any required modifications before fitting them on you. It may take a little while to adapt to wearing them, and should you encounter any difficulties, it’s crucial to communicate these to your dentist. Consistent dental check-ups will be essential to keep an eye on your dentures, address any developing issues, and carry out further adjustments as required.

Possible Teeth Extractions

The denture process usually requires multiple appointments for completion, and if tooth extraction becomes necessary, it can extend the timeline. It’s important to allow sufficient time for the extraction sites to heal, which may span several months. Once the healing phase is finished, your dentist will take impressions for your restorations.

Choosing dentures can significantly enhance your quality of life, granting you improved abilities to eat, speak, smile, and laugh with confidence and ease. Before long, you’ll be proudly displaying a stunning smile that you’ll absolutely cherish!

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